Withings ScanWatch 2 and Light review: simple vibes for the tech-fatigued

I've recently started wearing my first generation ScanWatch (which has a very similar design) again as my daily driver in place of of my Apple Watch Ultra, and so much of this review rings true.

The only things I would disagree with is the critique of the navigation and the digital display (alas the original ScanWatch does not have OLED) - I find the display more than sufficient for what it needs to convey (this coming from an Apple Watch Ultra user) and the navigation is well executed, considering the only means of interaction is a digital crown.

Get ready for compliments

Funnily enough, just a couple of days ago I was out for lunch with some work colleagues and one of them did compliment my watch (which in turn started a whole discussion about smartbands and watches).

Via theverge.com

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