Week 2024-19

Another week, another public holiday in Queensland (although now there will be something of a drought until the end of September). Went out mountain biking for the first time in what seems like forever. Unfortunately it was incredibly wet and treacherous from recent rains (although I didn’t think it was that recent), and whilst I managed to get through the bulk of the ride unscathed I still managed to Superman over the handlebars on the way back to the trailhead. I grazed an elbow (I never usually wear elbow pads at this trail) but nothing too serious.

I finished reading Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir. From the same author as The Martian, I found the writing style easy and accessible and thoroughly enjoyed it (although I did spend a lot of the story trying to figure out what the ‘twist’ that is mentioned in a lot of reviews would be). I originally bought it as an ebook whilst waiting at Heathrow Airport for our flight back from the UK, but didn’t end up even picking up on the flight, so it was good to get it off the waitlist.

We got our sauna delivered! Despite the slightly higher upfront cost we opted for an infrared sauna due to lower running costs and ease of installation (it’s plug and play into a regular power outlet, so no need to get an electrician involved). It took less than an hour to unpack and assemble and has already been cemented into my evening routine (currently 40 minutes at 65°C, followed by a cold shower). If nothing else, it gives me 40 minutes to myself with no distractions or interruptions.

Finally we took my eldest daughter to visit the high school we want to enrol her in. She’s still got over a year and a half until she finishes primary school, but we do need to get the application in sooner rather than later. Luckily she - and we - loved the place. Whilst we’ve heard good things from other parties about the school, we were seriously impressed seeing it firsthand.

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