Week 2024-17

Another not-quite-full week of work, with the Anzac Day public holiday breaking up the week on Thursday (and most people at work taking Friday off to get a long weekend).

We spent the day (and the weekend) doing some much-needed maintenance to our outdoor / al-fresco area, giving the deck we built some years ago a much-needed deep clean and coat of oil. As we've been doing maintenance around the house the deck has become something of a dumping ground, making our outdoor space somewhat unusable and entertaining out of the question. Inspired by friends spaces, we're refocussing our efforts on bringing the space back to its former glory and spending a lot more time outdoors (with friends and family).

General 'wellness' is starting to form as a theme for the general focus in my personal life. I've started to consult with a specialist cardiologist to monitor my intermittent pericarditis (which I haven't had any problems with recently, touch wood) so this week saw me having a batch of tests (bloods, echocardiograms) to form a baseline for ongoing discussions. I've been able to start my daily walks again (between 5-7km every evening), which proved invaluable for both weightloss and mental health before we went on holiday. I'm about a week and a half back into a plant-based diet, and whilst I'm aware that it is probably more of a placebo effect, I am generally feeling a bit better.

In terms of work, the fractured week wasn't as productive as I would have liked. There is still some procrastination over what my next big focus will be, which whilst frustrating gives some breathing room to get back into a work mindset after an extended break.

I finally caught up with the season finale of Constellation. If it wasn't for the final WTF 10 seconds of the episode (if you know, you know) it would have had all the hallmarks of a reasonable (but not entirely satisfying) close to a limited-run series. Now it remains to be seen if Apple will renew it (please!) or they'll leave everyone hanging.

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