Over the past 15+ years I’ve worked with some great (and some not-so-great) people to whom I owe a lot. I’ve worked at award-winning marketing agencies, tech start-ups, mature scale-ups and total f**k-ups. I’ve learnt a lot about what works (and even more about what doesn’t), and now it’s my turn to give something back.

Ways I’m available to help anyone

  • Answer concise questions via email about topics I know about
  • Introductions
  • Give you feedback on a resume and/or cover letter

Ways I’m available to help underrepresented people in tech

  • Everything above, I’ll especially do for you
  • Help you find some job opportunities
  • Validate your business idea and/or join your advisory board
  • Review a conference proposal

Want something else?

Drop me an email - I’ll consider any reasonable request and if there is anything I can do to add value, I will.