For years I have been a happy iTerm user (and before that, the native Mac I only really signed up to request access to Warp to see what all the hype was about.

It took just ten minutes with the Rust-based terminal to make me instantly switch. I used up my 20 complementary invites to get my fellow developers at Rexlabs to take a look, and roughly 90% of them have switched as well.

I honestly didn’t think my choice of terminal application would make a great deal of difference to my work (since I already leverage Oh My ZSH to power-up my workflow) but I was wrong. Warp feels like a terminal made for 2022. Whilst I haven’t used any of the collaboration features yet it’s only a matter of time (especially once the real-time collaboration feature ships).

I also like how the devs at Warp do some really deep dives into how the software works (and what makes it so different) - even if don’t understand all of it!