Thank-you Twitter for locking me out

On the weekend Twitter introduced its latest 'feature' - you cannot read public tweets unless you have an account. Whilst the internet collectively rolled its eyes, I let out a sigh of relief.

I deleted my Twitter account some months ago. Not in protest over the Musk-era, but because I was sick of the attention drain.

But there were a couple of comedy/satire accounts that I still enjoyed reading that put out new content daily. What started as a daily five minutes to visit those account directly turned into an attention blackhole. I would end up looking at 'similar' account suggestions and whatever nonsense was trending on the site.

Then on 1 July I was locked-out. The split-second of disappointment was replaced with the realisation that I was free. So thank-you to Twitter for your latest attempt to increase engagement, you have just made my life so much easier!

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