Publishing hidden files with Jigsaw

I recently decided to update the URL structure for my blog posts but didn't want to break any of the internal links or search engine indexing that was in place. Luckily this is easy enough with Netlify by utilising static routing redirects and rewrites.

I had quite a few redirects so felt the _redirects file was the most elegant option with the least complex syntax.

Unfortunately when Jigsaw publishes a site it ignores any source file or directory that is prefixed with an underscore. Unlike other static site generators there is no simple way to whitelist files, so we'll use the next best thing - the afterBuild event.

Jigsaw allows you to hook into various stages in the build process to easily inject your own logic, so we can create a simple class to manually copy across our whitelisted files once Jigsaw has finished its own build steps.

First add the event listener to the ./listeners directory in your Jigsaw project root.

// ./listeners/PublishHiddenFiles.php


namespace App\Listeners;

use TightenCo\Jigsaw\Jigsaw;

class PublishHiddenFiles
    protected $files = [
        // add any other files you want to copy here...

    public function handle(Jigsaw $jigsaw)
        foreach($this->files as $file)
            if(file_exists(__DIR__ . '/../source/' . $file))
                    $jigsaw->getDestinationPath() . '/' . $file,
                    file_get_contents(__DIR__ . '/../source/' . $file)

Next, just register the listener in ./bootstrap.php


If you are using Jigsaw's default event listener to build a sitemap you will want to put the hidden files event listener after the sitemap builder - this way your hidden files won't appear in the sitemap.

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