I want to start sharing some tools - both software and hardware - that I use on a daily basis for my work and side-projects. Some are critical to me getting stuff done, whereas others offer some great quality of life improvements.

I want to kick things off with One Switch, a simple Mac menubar app that I literally use every day.

One Switch offers an easy-to-use shortcut to many of your everyday computer tasks. From hiding windows and switching to Dark Mode, to connecting your AirPods or locking your computer, One Switch saves you those extra few clicks in a simple package.

As a remote worker jumping on Zoom calls multiple times a day, my most-used switches are hiding windows and desktop icons for when I need to share my screen.

I have a two-machine license - one for my work computer and the other for my personal laptop. If you’re a Mac user I highly recommend taking it for a spin - you can download a free seven-day trial from the developer’s website.