Knocking stuff off your bucket list

One of my bucket list items is to compete in (and finish) the Crocodile Trophy - a staged mountain bike race in tropical North Queensland.

Taking place at the end of Spring in Australia, my plan was to enter it next year (2024). This would give myself plenty of time to train and increase my fitness, bolster my savings (mountain biking is not a cheap sport) and plan an extended trip around it for the family.

That is until yesterday, when it was announced that 2023 would be the last Crocodile Trophy, as the founder and organiser is retiring.

There is the chance that somebody else might pick up the mantle and keep the event going in the future, but as it stands this bucket list item is now unobtainable.

I'm taking this as a lesson to start actually planning how I'm going to action other things on my list - and doing them. Some things are transient and won't be around forever, so if you're serious about your bucket list I suggest you do the same.

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