Hello World (again)

After sitting on a personal domain purchase for some time I figured it was high time to have another go at this blogging thing. I want to get into a rhythm of posting something every day, whether it be here or on social media (links up in the top-right corner), and I guess a lot of the time when I have something to say, it's either more than 140 characters (scratch Twitter), not visual (sorry Instagram) or maybe more personal (not this time LinkedIn). Hence, this blog.

I also need to get better at writing - my job requires me to write a fair amount of documentation which always feels like such a chore because I am so out of practice. Having this blog, and forcing myself to write something, is my attempt at resolving that.

I'll be writing about all sorts - anything from web development and design, to fitness, parenthood, and my ongoing battle with anxiety. I'm mainly writing for me, but hopefully over time a sort of structure will emerge that will enable others to engage with my ramblings.

That's all for now - every journey starts with the first step, and I just needed to get this one locked in.

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