This morning whilst doing my daily five minute browse of LinkedIn I came across a post highlighting a note from DJ Patil, the first US Chief Data Scientist, summarising his approach to tackling problems.

Framework for Execution

  • Dream in years
  • Plan in months
  • Evaluate in weeks
  • Ship daily

Framework for Scale

  • Prototype for 1x
  • Build for 10x
  • Engineer for 100x

Framework for Effectiveness

  • What’s required to cut the timeline in 1/2?
  • What needs to be done to double the impact?

I’m amazed that I’ve not seen this before now, and how profound an effect it can have on building products, planning you career and making decisions (and anything else you can think of).

I have recently started a new role as a Technical/Development Lead at Rexlabs as part of a newly forming team tasked with re-releasing and iterating on one of their incumbent products. When I get into the office on Monday I will be sharing this with the team as we collectively shape our approach moving forward.

Furthermore, I’m going to add this to my personal mental model and apply it to my personal life. I can already see how the Framework for Execution is going to assist with the development of my own personal projects, iterating on this blog and helping me as I embark on my next journey towards my fitness goals.