Evening Routine

Over the last year or so I've taken a keen interest in maximising my time, both at work and in my personal life. I've read a growing number of books on the subjects of habits and routines - not to try and find some silver bullet to magically make my days more productive - but to collate common themes and ideas in order to formulate strategies that might work for me.

I want to write a lot more about this journey and what I am hoping to achieve, but in the first instance a lot of the common threads I'm finding are people engaging in transformative morning routines. Up until about a year ago this would have been great news as I tended to be an early riser, but more recently I've found it harder and harder to get started in the morning. I no longer wake up naturally around 5:30-6am, and the alarm will now get snoozed a number of times before I finally drag myself out of bed. Whilst I don't stay up particularly late at night, I tend to struggle with falling asleep - and then need my solid 8 hours before I feel like doing anything.

So in order to get started with an effective, reliable and repeatable morning routine that will set me up for the day, I need to nail down my evening routine for the night before. This tends to be something that is missing from the countless writings on the subject, so I'm excited to find out what this next phase is going to look like.

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