AI Fatigue

It seems that every other tech story or product launch is about AI, and I'm getting kind of bored of it.

Where the previous 'lazy' product pitch was Uber for XYZ or AirBnB for XYZ it is now XYZ, but with added AI. AI is being treated as a magic pill that will add value by simply being part of the solution.

Everything is the same - and as soon as I see 'AI' in the headline, product name or tagline my eyes glaze over.

This is nothing new. Before AI it was all about crypto, Web3, and how sticking everything on the blockchain was the solution.

I miss when people built new products based on their own ingenuity or unique approach instead of jumping on the latest bandwagon.

This is, of course, my personal view. I have not gone down the ChatGPT or Midjourney rabbit holes, so I haven't been exposed to the wonders of this AI revolution. Perhaps I'm missing a trick, but I doubt it.

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