365 Albums Project

These days listen to a lot of ambient music whilst working - more often than not playlists instead of full albums.

This is led me to forget what it’s like to listen to an album by a single artist from start to finish. Also my very diverse tastes in music that has varied wildly over the years - from ambient acoustic indie folk to metalcore, via drum and bass and trance.

Inspired by a year-long project by Matt Birchler I am assembling a list of 365 albums that I have enjoyed over the years, and will post them here over the next 365 days. I will also use the opportunity to actually listen to them, in full, in amongst my usual listening habits.

I’m not a music critic - most albums will just be presented without any commentary - I like them because I do, and there’s no clever insights into why they feature here. Others may have a story behind them or evoke memories of certain points in my life, so I’ll comment accordingly and call out particular tracks.

Some choices will probably raise eyebrows over questionable taste - but this is a journey, and occasionally there is a wrong turn (or guilty pleasure).

Wish me luck!

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