July 6, 2023

Don't forget to knock stuff off your bucket list

One of my bucket list items is to compete in (and finish) the Crocodile Trophy - a staged mountain bike race in tropical North Queensland. Taking place at the end of Spring in Australia, my plan was...


July 3, 2023

Thank-you Twitter for locking me out

On the weekend Twitter introduced its latest 'feature' - you cannot read public tweets unless you have an account. Whilst the internet collectively rolled its eyes, I let out a sigh of relief. I...


June 26, 2023

AI Fatigue

It seems that every other tech story or product launch is about AI, and I'm getting kind of bored of it. Where the previous 'lazy' product pitch was Uber for X or AirBnB for X it is now X, but with...


June 8, 2023

The Only WWDC Announcement I Care About

Of all the announcements that came out of Apple's WWDC keynote earlier this week, the thing that I was genuinely excited about dropped in at the 1:10:25 mark. Not futuristic AR headsets or...